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Industrial Engineering Undergraduate Program

The first students were admitted to the Industrial Engineering Undergraduate Program at the Turkish-German University in the 2014-2015 Fall Semester. After a one-year German Preparatory Class, undergraduate education started in the Fall Semester of the 2015-2016 Academic Year.

The Industrial Engineering discipline reveals the combination of the teaching content of engineering and business sciences, especially within the scope of innovation and sustainability.

The Interdisciplinary Character of the Department

The education of industrial engineers is shaped by the transfer of knowledge in the fields of Technology and Management. The interdisciplinary character of the department requires parallel teaching of various fields of science in the curriculum. In addition to mathematics and methodical fundamentals, different courses from social and natural sciences, engineering sciences, business management, economics, law, informatics, organizational sciences, supply chain management or operations research are included in the curriculum.

Focused on Sustainable Production nad Digital Logistics

Turkish-German University students will be able to specialize in the fields of "sustainable production" and "digital logistics" during their studies. Research-oriented education is located at the intersection of technology and management, at a point oriented towards practical applicability with economic, ecological and social sustainability through the study of socio-technical systems.

The combination of knowledge from engineering and business sciences makes it possible not only to identify new targeted technologies and evaluate their potential, but also to sustainably design the product lifecycle and value chain. Among other topics, students are introduced to new information technology tools for decision support in the planning, development, delivery, use and valuation of product and service systems.

More future-oriented priorities such as energy technology, medical technology, information and communication systems will also be expanded in the coming years.

Project Oriented Content with Industry Connections and Internship

The theoretical knowledge gained should be put into practice in real processes through collaborations with industrial companies operating in Turkey, Germany and on a global scale. In project-oriented courses, students will learn the planning, production, implementation, administration and improvement processes of socio-technical systems at the intersection of technology and management.

Students will do one month of basic internship in the summer of the first year and two months of vocational internship in the summer of the third year. Companies where internships were made in the 2016 Summer Term are BSH Çerkezköy, Bosch Bursa, Mercedes Aksaray Truck Factory and Mercedes Hoşdere Bus Factory.

Contributions of German Partner Universities

The Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin, www.tu-berlin.de) is the leading university in industrial engineering. Institute of Construction Equipment and Factory Management Department (IWF, www.iwf.tu-berlin.de) of Assembly Technique and Factory Management (www.mf.tu-berlin.de), since 1998 "Global Production Engineering" (www.gpe.tu-berlin.de) coordinates the International Graduate Department. The division's two areas of specialization are "GPE Manufacturing" and "GPE Solar". The aim of the GPE department is to train students as technology managers who are knowledgeable about the sustainability problems of the 21st century, solution-oriented and thinking globally. TU Berlin, which now undertakes the administration of the Department of Industrial Engineering of the Turkish-German University, coordinates the cooperation with the Department of Logistics (www.logistik.tu-berlin.de) and other departments and universities, as well as with potential industry partners and experts.

Semesters Abroad

Industrial Engineering is a department with high internationalism. All students are therefore offered the opportunity to use industry contacts with TU Berlin and its partners. Some of the successful students who have completed the preparatory class and reached the B2/C1 level are sent to a one-month language school in Germany during the summer months on scholarship, within the quota. Successful students will be sent abroad as a project, internship or training period under the guidance of a German university. In parallel with the education, German classes will be attended and students will visit English language courses when necessary. Graduates also have the opportunity to pursue an international master's degree at TGU, TU Berlin or other partner German universities.

Job Opportunities for Graduates

Although industrial engineers appear in almost all business areas, they are mostly found in production, management and consultancy positions. This program provides the essential information needed to comprehensively analyze current problems and develop appropriate strategies. Graduates of the Turkish-German University Industrial Engineering Department will be able to see technological developments, economic growth and social changes on the one hand, and the interactions between the three pillars of sustainability, on the other hand, with a clear thinking and versatile reasoning, and will be able to bring these elements together in international companies. In this way, a strong profile is created that can work in industrial and research companies operating both in the German-Turkish markets and internationally.